Calming Touch for Your Dog's Fear and Anxiety
Calming Touch for Your Dog's Fear and Anxiety

Do not use with pregnant/lactating dogs, or when injury or illness is present.
This routine is not intended to replace appropriate medical care for your dog.
When in doubt, check it out (with your vet).

When using calming touch on your dog, please remember that your dog will pick up on your emotional state as well. If you are nervous, s/he will be nervous, too. Take a few moments to take a few deep breaths and become calm before you start the process. Use a firm but gentle touch.

Applying a small drop of lavender essential oil to the inside tip of each ear and massaging it in will help start the relaxation process for your dog.

Start by stroking your dog from the top of the head to the tail 2 or 3 times.

Press the spot right between your dog's eyes, 3-5 times.

Press the spot right between your dog's ears, at the level of the base of the ear, 3-5 times.

Gently pinch and roll the spot on the spine right behind the shoulder blades.

Squeeze and massage from the shoulder joint of the leg to the tips of the toes, paying special attention to each joint. The knees and back toes are especially important. Do each leg 2-3 times.

You can also hold your dog's tail at the base and rotate it. Go both ways. One direction will be easier. Go that direction several times, then reverse for a few turns. (You may want to have someone help you by holding the dog's head or distracting it with a treat. If your dog continues to protest this move, you can simply rub the base of the tail.) Continue until the tail is moving easily.

Finish by stroking from the head to the tail several times.

Wearing a snug fitting coat/t-shirt will often help your dog's anxiety. For storm related anxiety, put the shirt on your dog as soon as you know a storm is headed your way.

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